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This was our first time buying a house, so we had a lot of questions and concerns. Luckily, Steve was very patient with us and understood what our needs were. He would even suggest certain things in the home and contract we were not looking at before. When the time comes, hopefully not too soon, we would go to Steve to sell our home and purchase another.

Looking to purchase a holiday home from abroad can be daunting in any circumstances. However, with COVID-19 and travel restrictions it was even more difficult, especially with the fact that you cannot travel to view the property. Thankfully, we came across Steve who was fantastic throughout the whole process. Steve's experienced, professional and honest opinions on all related property matters were all we could have ever asked for. He is very knowledgeable about the area and throughout the whole process we felt that Steve only had our own best interests at heart.

When considering any properties, whether it was from the advertised photos or via a virtual house viewing, Steve was always able to provide non bias positives and negative of a property. He is extremely thorough and scrutinizes every aspect of the property to make sure it is suitable for you in every possible way and there are no hidden costs, damage's or refurbishment requirements. All of this is exactly what you need when making a financial commitment of this calibre.

We couldn't recommend Steve enough and he will definitely be our point of contact when we are out there.

Steve genuinely cared about our first home purchase. He led us through the process like we were family. His background and personality helped us immensely when conversations got hard, he could be firm but disarming during negotiations, allowing us to communicate our demands without damaging the relationship with the other party.

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